The Author

Peter Kantropus is a son of Greek immigrants. Due to those twists of life, and even though he was completely happy living in Elgin, Il, his parents decided to move to Rockford and open a restaurant, and this is how he ended up in this place.

Enslaved by the hours and demands of a restaurant, his┬áparents neglected Peter to a certain degree, and he had to pretty much “fend for himself” as he was growing up. He fought with drugs, and after several battles, beat them. Alcohol? who knows… he claims to have never fought it, but does that mean there is no battle?

These are compilations of life as seen and experienced by Peter Kantropus. He sees life as a journey through a valley. A valley enriching his every step, whether it be with pain, joy or indifference along the way, it is a valley that oozes all kinds of wealth. A golden valley.