Key Considerations When Making Home Siding Replacement

Getting the right siding can accentuate the character, visual appeal, and design of your home. Because of the time and expenses involved in repairing or replacing siding, it is important that you research on the best options for the Rockford, IL climate and the style of your home. There are a lot of siding options that you can settle for, but before making the decision, ensure you confirm with your local building codes for any limitations and guidelines.

Most restrictions are imposed by insurance companies targeting areas that have a high propensity for events such as flooding, bush fires, and black mold.

Siding Replacement Options

Handyman from replacing siding in Rockford, IL

As indicated above, there are various options available when determining the type of siding that is right for you. To start you off, below are some of the common siding varieties.

Natural Stone and Veneer Siding

Stone is rustic, elegant, earthy, and sophisticated. In terms of longevity, stone sidings are among the most durable and can withstand weather extremities.  The common types of stones suitable for siding in Rockford include slate, granite, and other quarried stones.

In the event, natural stones are expensive to you, you can go for stone veneers which are just as sturdy and do not cost much to maintain. When doing the siding, you can decide to split the difference by highlighting one section or wall of your exterior to create interest and depth.

Wood Clapboard Siding

Wood is both flexible and beautiful. When used in siding, it can look sophisticated and rich thereby fitting well with a wide variety of architectural styles. The beauty with wood is that it gives you a variety to choose from including pine, redwood, cedar, spruce, and cypress.

In terms of care, wood siding is a low maintenance installation that requires repainting after more than 5 years.

Fiber Cement Siding

This is a more versatile innovation and brings together durability and natural beauty. If you live in an area that is prone to termites, fiber cement siding is good for you because it is termite proof, doesn’t rot, and is fire resistant. There are some siding manufacturers in Rockford who are offering even 50 years warranty, thus making this option a sure deal.

Vinyl Siding

This option is not only a great economic choice, but a durable one as well. It is available in lots of colors and can withstand even the most dramatic temperature extremes. The color is baked in and not applied later as it was the case before. This means scratching isn’t a problem.

There you go! You can also look out for other siding options such as vinyl coatings, aluminum sidings, stucco siding, and engineered wood siding.

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