Environmental and Social Benefits of Waste Recycling

It is almost natural human instinct to throw waste in the garbage instead of packing it together for recycling. There are a lot of benefits both to the environment and the community from waste recycling. Some of the things we throw away could be reused or even put in a recycling system to give rise to other products such as plastic tiles and new containers for reuse. For more information about dumpsters rental and garbage management, visit http://www.dumpsterrockford.com

Aside from the fact that recycling reduces carbon footprint, there are some profound benefits that waste management and recycling in particular can yield.

Economical Use of Landfills

Landfills occupy space which could be put to other productive uses. When you recycle waste, you generally reduce the quantity of material that ends up in landfills. This means the existing landfills will take long to fill up and thereby eliminating the need to create more landfills. This is especially important in urban settings where space is scarce and highly valued.

Wise Resource Usage

Every time manufacturers come up with a new product, parts of the earth resources suffer depletion. For instance, manufacturing paper means cutting down trees which in addition exposes the environment to other undesired effects such as soil erosion and sandstorms. Recycling helps to cut down on fresh material uptake and encourages innovative ways to reuse the existing products. For instance, glass bottles, steel cans, and used paper can be recycled into new products without the need to extract ores and cut down trees.

Efficient Use of Energy

When manufacturing things from fresh or virgin materials; firms use relatively more energy than they would have consumed in recycling processes. This energy usage varies depending on the processes used and type of material recycled.

For instance, recycling aluminum uses up to 95% lesser energy than manufacturing aluminum from virgin sources such as bauxite. To put this in perspective, recycling just a single ton of aluminum saves over 207 million BTU which converts to more than 36 barrels of oil. This is according to the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

Creates Employment

The green industry opens up lots of opportunities which add economic value and thus generate employment to a majority of people. The recycling processes only require a substantial input of human labor because not all the processes are mechanized. When this combines with the opportunities generated as a result of the recycled products, the impact is much higher.

In addition to the above, recycling saves communities lots of money because it costs much less to recycle than pay for landfill disposal

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