Key Considerations When Making Home Siding Replacement

Getting the right siding can accentuate the character, visual appeal, and design of your home. Because of the time and expenses involved in repairing or replacing siding, it is important that you research on the best options for the Rockford, IL climate and the style of your home. There are a lot of siding options that you can settle for, but before making the decision, ensure you confirm with your local building codes for any limitations and guidelines.

Most restrictions are imposed by insurance companies targeting areas that have a high propensity for events such as flooding, bush fires, and black mold.

Siding Replacement Options

Handyman from replacing siding in Rockford, IL

As indicated above, there are various options available when determining the type of siding that is right for you. To start you off, below are some of the common siding varieties.

Natural Stone and Veneer Siding

Stone is rustic, elegant, earthy, and sophisticated. In terms of longevity, stone sidings are among the most durable and can withstand weather extremities.  The common types of stones suitable for siding in Rockford include slate, granite, and other quarried stones.

In the event, natural stones are expensive to you, you can go for stone veneers which are just as sturdy and do not cost much to maintain. When doing the siding, you can decide to split the difference by highlighting one section or wall of your exterior to create interest and depth.

Wood Clapboard Siding

Wood is both flexible and beautiful. When used in siding, it can look sophisticated and rich thereby fitting well with a wide variety of architectural styles. The beauty with wood is that it gives you a variety to choose from including pine, redwood, cedar, spruce, and cypress.

In terms of care, wood siding is a low maintenance installation that requires repainting after more than 5 years.

Fiber Cement Siding

This is a more versatile innovation and brings together durability and natural beauty. If you live in an area that is prone to termites, fiber cement siding is good for you because it is termite proof, doesn’t rot, and is fire resistant. There are some siding manufacturers in Rockford who are offering even 50 years warranty, thus making this option a sure deal.

Vinyl Siding

This option is not only a great economic choice, but a durable one as well. It is available in lots of colors and can withstand even the most dramatic temperature extremes. The color is baked in and not applied later as it was the case before. This means scratching isn’t a problem.

There you go! You can also look out for other siding options such as vinyl coatings, aluminum sidings, stucco siding, and engineered wood siding.

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Environmental and Social Benefits of Waste Recycling

It is almost natural human instinct to throw waste in the garbage instead of packing it together for recycling. There are a lot of benefits both to the environment and the community from waste recycling. Some of the things we throw away could be reused or even put in a recycling system to give rise to other products such as plastic tiles and new containers for reuse. For more information about dumpsters rental and garbage management, visit

Aside from the fact that recycling reduces carbon footprint, there are some profound benefits that waste management and recycling in particular can yield.

Economical Use of Landfills

Landfills occupy space which could be put to other productive uses. When you recycle waste, you generally reduce the quantity of material that ends up in landfills. This means the existing landfills will take long to fill up and thereby eliminating the need to create more landfills. This is especially important in urban settings where space is scarce and highly valued.

Wise Resource Usage

Every time manufacturers come up with a new product, parts of the earth resources suffer depletion. For instance, manufacturing paper means cutting down trees which in addition exposes the environment to other undesired effects such as soil erosion and sandstorms. Recycling helps to cut down on fresh material uptake and encourages innovative ways to reuse the existing products. For instance, glass bottles, steel cans, and used paper can be recycled into new products without the need to extract ores and cut down trees.

Efficient Use of Energy

When manufacturing things from fresh or virgin materials; firms use relatively more energy than they would have consumed in recycling processes. This energy usage varies depending on the processes used and type of material recycled.

For instance, recycling aluminum uses up to 95% lesser energy than manufacturing aluminum from virgin sources such as bauxite. To put this in perspective, recycling just a single ton of aluminum saves over 207 million BTU which converts to more than 36 barrels of oil. This is according to the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

Creates Employment

The green industry opens up lots of opportunities which add economic value and thus generate employment to a majority of people. The recycling processes only require a substantial input of human labor because not all the processes are mechanized. When this combines with the opportunities generated as a result of the recycled products, the impact is much higher.

In addition to the above, recycling saves communities lots of money because it costs much less to recycle than pay for landfill disposal

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Qualities of a good dentist

There are several qualities that make a dentist a great dentist. Here are some, in no particular order:

  • Communication skills.

Dentists should have above average communication skills. They should be able to communicate effectively with their patients, staff (dental hygienists, dental assistants, receptionists, etc).

  • Detail Oriented.

Dentists should be very detail oriented when looking up the details so that patients receive appropriate treatment and medication. They should also pay attention to the space, shape and color. For example, it may be necessary to match closely with a false tooth other teeth of a patient.

They should be able to effectively work with their hands. The dentists work with tools in a confined area.

  • Leadership skills.

Most dentists work in their own dental clinic. This forces them to manage and lead a team.

  • Organizational capacity.

Strong organizational skills, including keeping accurate records of patient care are essential in both medical and business environments.

Dentists can work for long periods of time with patients that need special attention. Children and patients with dental fear can require a lot of patience.

  • Problem solving skills.

Dentists need strong problem solving skills. Should assess the patient’s symptoms and choose appropriate treatments.


When looking for a dentist in Rockford, IL – look no further: Dr. William Runne is your go to family dentist.

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Opposites Attract… and Blossom!

My best friend is an accomplished city tour guide and event professional who has traveled the world over and continues to find adventure in common, everyday people and places. She married a funny, educated, well-read man, who –unfortunately- had never been a very good traveler. He always loved his recliner and big screen TV and preferred to stay home, would rather read the paper than read a map, and hated culinary adventure especially if there was fried chicken from his favorite fast food chain around the corner.

My friend loves to travel, loves talking about travel and places and people, and wants everyone to travel and enjoy it and love it as much as she does. One of the two was going to have to start faking it or start paying attention. It was a clash of personalities and preferences that has been fascinating to watch, considering how much love is shared, if not interests.

He wanted to make an effort and decided to plan their first trip together, when they would travel to meet her parents. It was stressful to begin with, conceptually, the whole meeting the family thing, plus required plenty of organization. He was destined to fail, and appear disorganized at best, stupid at worst. Airfare was expensive; there were unexpected additional costs for layovers, premiums attached to scheduling, so he decided to drive. As a life-long New Yorker, it is not an activity he felt comfortable with, to say the least. And, honestly, map reading is an acquired skill. So he got lost several times. He called her father for directions several times, since he kept forgetting and had to call (again) to have them repeated. But they got there. Alas, no fried chicken for dinner – and he didn’t really enjoy the frog legs her mother had painstakingly prepared especially for them.

It is really a miracle that they did get married, and that her parents embraced the new couple so joyously. For their honeymoon they had a chance to travel together again… but this time she planned it. He had an extraordinary experience! They went to Nova Scotia which was an interesting location and he had his first stay in a bed and breakfast. They ate amazing food and visited museums, and saw an outdoor Shakespeare play, and had an adventure on a sailboat. Because my friend insisted that they we meet and get to know the locals, they were able to meet wonderful people, eat in good inexpensive restaurants, and visit the places they recommended. They didn’t get lost once.

They’ve been together over 25 years and continue to visit interesting places and meet interesting people. Thanks to his wife the tour guide, he has slowly learned to embrace the unfamiliar, and to enjoy the journey, though he continues to hate the unexpected. But he still loves his fried chicken.

He now has a roofing company, even though he has never laid a shingle in his life…


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The Alamo Bell and the Mexican Family Next Door

Unless you’ve lived your entire life in The Hamptons or in the hills of Tennessee, you’ve probably been exposed to some kind of racial and cultural diversity. In my case, I’ve been around other nationalities and other cultures since the day I was born. I even had a Turkish friend once (anyone that knows about the not so good relations between the Greeks and the Turks will understand that joke)

Anyway, back to my neighbors, the Mexicans. Nicest people on the block. From the day I moved in they’ve been nothing but pleasant, inviting me to family events they host and Juan (the breadwinner working at Rockford towing service) helping me out on some outside projects all the time. One of his sons just got back from spending some time in the army, and the wife runs some kind of daycare – I see kids being dropped-off every morning. I guess they run it kinda “hush hush” and in the down low, cause they never talk about it and don’t have any signs, but every morning their driveway becomes a parade of little Mexican kids going into the house.

The whole point of my story has to do with the bell they have on the side of their house, by the garage door. I’m not talking about a bell you use to call the butler to the table… I’m talking a freaking cast iron, half ton freaking bell like the kind you find at the steeple of the church type bell…

Kinda cool, though: on summer evenings, when I suppose dinner is ready or they figured the kids had enough fun already, they will ring the bell a couple times. Within seconds, a swarm of Mexican kids start running back home as if any kind of delay will prevent them from having a seat at the table or something. A sense of family life that makes me think of what life was like for the majority of Americans back in the 60s or 70s. Kudos, Mexican family next door for keeping it real, fun and family oriented.

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Snow remains Elusive this Christmas

As we all know, even though some just don’t want to believe, weather on our planet is changing. It certainly is different from when I was a kid…

The latest installment of “El Niño“, this combination of highly complex patterns in weather triggered by the temperature variation in the oceans, particularly in in the Equatorial Pacific Ocean.

Every three to seven years, the surface waters of a very large strip of the Pacific Ocean, particularly the tropical area, become warmer (or cooler in the case of La Niña) anywhere between 1 to 3 degrees Celsius. This slight variation in temperature directly impacts the rain distribution patterns in the tropical region and can have a strong influence on the weather patterns across the globe.

Why “El Niño”?

El niño is Spanish for “the child”, in reference to Jesus. The weather pattern was given this name by Peruvian fishermen who noticed a warmer current in the Pacific Ocean every year, around Christmas time. In modern days, it was coined to refer to the more extreme displays of itself. It wasn’t until the 1960s that this was not simply a regional Peruvian phenomena, but rather one with much further reach throughout the tropical Pacific.

This phenomena actually lasts anywhere from 3 to 7 years, but it is only the peak, the extreme peaks that get referenced, and those only last 8 to 10 months.

We are still not entirely sure what causes this phenomena. I simply accept it as a reality and sometimes welcome it. For example, I was able to get my home re-roofed in the middle of December… something that any other year would have been virtually impossible to do. And while on topic, I really want to give a shout out to the crew of for doing such wonderful jub mat my home.

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Welcome to my Collection of Rockford Stories


As life passes, one continues to accumulate stories and experiences -both good and bad, sad and funny, important and irrelevant- that end up making up this basket of flowers we call life.

I intend to contribute my share of these experiences in other people’s baskets, but though this medium, I want to plasmate the ones that touch me. Perhaps it will be a way for future generation to understand how this crazy son of Greeks ended up being the way he is…

It may be a story of my neighbor across the street – this 70 year old german lady, tall as a pine, built like a sequoia, has somehow taken to like me, or a story about the plumber that freaked the crap out of me when a piece of cast iron pipe fell next to her foot from 20 feet above her…

I hope readers can enjoy.

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